Fabric Patterns

Almost all of my graphic design work has been in the two-dimensional realm. Recently, I decided to take an excursion into the third dimension and explore the design possibilities offered by printing patterns on apparel — in this case, leggings.

My Writing Website

In addition to my graphic design work, I’ve also worked as a writer and editor. I maintain a separate online portfolio for my writing, and recently overhauled it to bring it up to modern website best practices, and generally refresh its look.

Logo Animation

Logo animations have come a long way in recent years, and I suspect one reason is the popularity of Adobe After Effects. It’s relatively easy to use, and can produce professional, handsome results right out of the box. I decided to try my hand at a logo animation recently, as a learning exercise, and had great fun creating this first draft of a logo intro for my freelance business.

“Uffington Horse”

I was recently rummaging through my older digital media material and decided to add this old video to my portfolio. I made this short film as an assignment for a digital video class at Cabrillo College.